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ANY Search in classes shown in this orange box; you can then select the desired class (e.g. sequence, or allele) from the search results
Locus e.g. DEF; provides info on DNA sequences, alleles, map position, etc, for a given locus Clone e.g. 018_1_01_b04; provides info for array well position, EMBL accession number for a given clone.
Gene e.g. DEF; Similar to a Locus search, but limits search to expressed genes only. Sequence e.g. EM:AAB013987; provides info about a sequence, for example the BLAST results.
Allele e.g. def-101; provides info about mutant phenotypes and multi-mutant phenotypes Protein e.g. AMDEFA; provides info about peptide sequences.
Genetic Map e.g. 2002 LG 01; provides info on known linkage groups (LG) such as LG1, or LG8
Click link (left) to do free-text searches over Blast reports or journal abstracts
Author e.g. Sommer H; provides info about an Antirrhinum researcher for example publications, or photographs taken by him or her
Picture e.g. cho*; find images of mutant phenotypes, in situ expression patterns, etc.
e.g. 28_e18 or 28*; for a clone report on an arrayed EST based on its well position.

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