Colours segregating in the progeny of a cross between
Sippe 2249 and Line 165E

Image courtesy of Maret Kalda, MPIZ Köln

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Dr. Brendan Davies http://www.plants.leeds.ac.uk
Dr. Marcos Egea-Cortines http://www.upct.es/~genetica
Dr. Enrico Coen http://www.jic.bbsrc.ac.uk/STAFF/enrico-coen
Dr. Richard Waites http://www-users.york.ac.uk/~rw18/
Dr. Andrew Hudson http://homepages.ed.ac.uk/ahudson/
Dr. Zsuzsanna Schwarz-Sommer http://www.mpiz-koeln.mpg.de/~schwarzs/


2004, Tolouse France Organiser: Christoph Thebaud; email thebaud@cict.fr
2003, Cartagena, Spain Organisers: Marcos Egea Cortines and Julia Weiss


EST sequencing EST sequencing was in part performed at the Purdue University, with financial support from Andrew Hudson (Univ. Leeds)
Gatersleben collection Images of mutants were provided by E. Coen (JIC)
Description of the mutants is a translation of the German text from Stubbe (1966) by Kurt Stüber, MPIZ

Seeds are available at - IPK Gatersleben http://gbis.ipk-gatersleben.de/gbis_i/

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Dr. Mark Wilkinson
Dr. Kurt Stüber
Dr. Jörg Wunder
Contributors to the Antirrhinum gene map
Dr. Andrew Hudson
Dr. Enrique Ritter
Dr. Zsuzsanna Schwarz-Sommer
Server provision and maintenance
Mr. Matthew Links
Mr. Luke McCarthy
Dr. William Crosby
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