If you hesitate to join a casino online because of the high costs, poor quality and the lethargic software customer service, a Croesus Casino bonus is exactly what need you. This online casino offers a welcome bonus for those who are looking for a quality casino play, but who do not wish to take too big risks with their money. On this casino, for every dollar you deposit, you will get the same amount in the form of a bonus of up to € 100. With this bonus, you will double your total credit of gambling, and don’t worry, you won’t have to repay this welcome bonus. In fact, once you have done the initial deposit, all your future gains will be directly credited to your account.

VIP access

The welcome bonus is not the only deal available for players. You can also get bonuses by joining the VIP casino club. So you can get back a percentage between 10% and 25% of your money to each deposit you make. In fact, the percentage of allocated money in return depends on how much the customer is loyal to the casino. Furthermore, you are registered as VIP or not, weekly awards are also available as well as progressive jackpots. With the potential for distraction offered, ease of access to the games and the large number of bonuses available, you will enjoy much the fact to be a member of the Croesus online casino.

Games galore on Croesus Casino

Casino offers more games that you won’t usually find on online casinos. Indeed, there are a range of more than 75 different games, including ordinary like blackjack and video poker games, the specialty games like Keno, as well as slot machines unique 3D designed by Betsoft Gaming. Besides, Betsoft Gaming was named as one of the best casino software designers. This is so the best casinos online that you can enjoy playing on this casino. In addition, you can try free games offered without having to spend your own money, and games are all available online. This makes easy access from any computer or mobile device.

Tips for counting cards

However, this can be really difficult for the players to remember every card that is played, particularly when there are several card games that are used. To resolve this issue, several experts who want to play and win developed card counting systems that allow players to more easily track the cards. Basically, these systems attribute a value to different maps of the card game, namely 1 or 0 in the low value cards and – 1 high value cards. The player will only have to follow a simple number then add or subtract the new values of each card as soon as it is played. When the number held by the player is positive or negative, the system tells him to do a hit or stand. Of course, this card counting system is not infallible, but those who use these tricks of card counting seem to have more success than those who normally play.

Do you want to count on Croesus Casino cards

One of the easiest ways for players to improve their way of playing blackjack, it’s to learn card counting. The mode of operation of this strategy is simple. Each set of cards has the same number of each card, and as value and as the cards are played, they are removed from the card game. So, if players can save the cards that have already been played in their memory, they can get to predict the chances of occurrence of each next card. Players can then bet their money accordingly. For example, if many high value cards have already been played, and have therefore been removed from the card game, then it has a greater number of low value cards remaining in the deck of cards. So there is a good chance that the next card is a card with a low value. Players can then confidently, more often make a hit without fear to go beyond 21. This gives them a better chance when they are playing blackjack.